Why should you consider installing a metal staircase?

Why should you consider installing a metal staircase?

29 lipca 2022

When creating a staircase for your business or residential property, there are several key choices to make, including what material the staircase will be made of. The typical material has been timber, but steel structures are becoming increasingly popular among architects, homeowners, and builders since they allow for more intricate, thin, and long-lasting designs to be considered.
Metal stairs, for example, might be a foundation for other materials like stone, glass, wood, or plastic. However, all metal staircase requirements are on the rise in both residential and commercial structures.

Metal is a long-lasting, durable material

Timber structures will expand and compress as a result of heat, humidity, and other elements over time, distorting and loosening the wood. As a result, wooden structures will become noisier and begin to groan. Another issue about wood is that the natural variants create designs that need to be overengineered in terms of section sizes to compensate, which can result in significant restrictions on the design.
A steel structure is quite sturdy and needs less attention. There’s no need to be concerned about expansion, contraction, or distortion. Metal stairs are immune to fire and water, which is a significant benefit from a safety perspective.

A metal staircase is a sustainable solution for your home

Metal staircases are sturdy, long-lasting, and designed to endure. As a result, there’s less need to paint or replace a structural component in a metal staircase over time. Metal buildings are becoming increasingly popular among industry professionals, owing to a significant shift toward sustainability and climate concerns.

Metal is flexible to create any designs and shapes

Metal is widely seen as more modern, and it’s the preferred choice for architects and interior designers. Modern metals offer a virtually endless range of possibilities, and steel’s structural integrity allows you to incorporate the beauty of wood into your design using balustrades and timber treads.
Luxury Metalwork LTD architects have been using wood components in buildings to bring the natural world into the design for many years. The trend of combining wooden treads with metal staircase designs is also growing in popularity. Oak and Sapele wood create a particular traditional appearance.
The appeal of incorporating raw steel’s basic, industrial finishes into staircases is on the rise, adding character and texture to design. The options are limitless!

Bespoke metal staircases in the UK

Luxury Metalwork LTD has spent decades developing and delivering a wide selection of architectural staircases for various prestigious projects around the UK. Our greatest strength is in transforming your concept brief into a reality. Our team of professional designers and manufacturers has created and installed innovative metalwork solutions on many premium residential and commercial projects.
If you’d want to talk about your current architectural metalwork design, please click here for more information or contact us for a quote on your next bespoke metalwork project in the United Kingdom.

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