How to Choose a Staircase Design Company

How to Choose a Staircase Design Company

29 grudnia 2022

Finding the right professionals to engage is one of the most important components of the luxury staircase design process. As a result, you should choose a stair design company that understands your requirements and tailors the experience to them. Here are some things to consider while selecting a staircase designer.

Individualized service

Choosing a staircase for your house involves more than just browsing through a brochure. Several factors must be addressed when designing a staircase, including space limits, family practicality, replacing an outdated staircase, and desired design aspects. Consequently, it’s vital to pick a staircase designer that provides individualized care and puts you at ease while learning about your needs and aspirations. It contributes to achieving effective results and a pleasurable experience for everybody.

Designers with prior experience

Before hiring a staircase design business, consider their experience and competence. Do they have any ideas for mixing concepts you like? Can they explain the advantages and disadvantages of various stair-building materials or novel designs, such as floating stairs? A luxury staircase designer should always find a mix of realistic advice on what works and the best ways to make your thoughts a reality. Even if you have a few ideas, they may help you get through the process and end up with something you like that works for you.

A well-defined work procedure

By comparing the procedure of various staircase design businesses, can you gain a feel? How will they obtain the project briefly? Will they provide a free home visit and consultation? Understanding what to anticipate from the firm you’re dealing with is always helpful. Will they handle design, or will they also manage construction? To minimize possible complications and guarantee a smooth process, seek experienced advice from the outset of your project.

Lovely design portfolio

If you’re looking for a staircase builder, check out their website to see if they have samples of previous work or what kind of design they specialize in. Many staircase design firms provide pre-made models that you may use as a starting point before customizing the design to suit your needs better. They may even provide a premium service that produces something unique from the ground up. Because each region you develop will have unique requirements, it’s critical to engage with a specialist who is qualified for the needs of your project.

Why Should You Hire Luxury Stairs?

They design, produce and install custom luxury staircases for a variety of clientele. Their talented artisans have expertly created custom-made stairs using the best materials for over 35 years. Their installation portfolio provides a view into their universe, full of magnificent twisting stairs with complex metalwork, handmade woodwork, and stunning glasswork.

Luxury Stairs was formed in 1982 and has been managed by the same family ever since. Their factory, situated in Poland, was tiny in size but assisted them in becoming the respected seller of luxury staircases they are today.

A finished product

They have their factory and employ a full-time staff of trained craftsmen to create their unique stairs. Every month, they buy about 120 cubic metres of grade A+ wood, which they keep in their climate-controlled facility. This preserves their wood in pristine condition. They make all their staircases from their wood, which maintains manufacturing in-house. This ensures high-quality output.

Our present manufacturing capability enables them to produce up to 50 stairs monthly. Their factory is outfitted with cutting-edge technology, such as the 5-axis CNC Reichenbacher Vision. Their handcrafted staircases are likewise hand-carved and hand-finished. They professionally install their wooden staircases before arriving on-site to make delivery easier.

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