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Aesthetically Pleasing, Luxurious Metalwork

Exclusive interior stairs
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Through clever design that incorporates the needs of our clients, we take pride in working as a team to create that final finished product. We take pride in our metalwork and we seek ways in which we can provide clients with a solution that they will love.

Throughout the years, we have evolved and adapted. Therefore, we offer solutions that make use of modern and traditional techniques. We are forward thinkers and visionaries that understand what great design is all about. We can help to incorporate different types of wood if you are looking for cantilever stairs while we can also create metal gates that inject charm and character into the entrance of your property.

We live and breathe luxury metalwork, always seeking new, innovative techniques and designs that take our service to a whole new level. Through our professional approach and determination, we ensure that we continue to lead from the front when it comes to bespoke metalwork.

Whether it’s a villa, a house, a townhouse or a countryside mansion

We Inject Luxury and Style Into Every Property

Our team ensures that it gains an understanding of the exact needs of our clients. Every project is different and that inspires us to delve deep into our design abilities, bringing creativity to life and delivering metalworks that stand out.

We can complement the look of a property, creating seamless designs that fit in or we can even go as far as to create Juliet balconies that look the part and add something new and exciting.

Metalwork is a skill that we have honed, harnessed and developed over a long period. We are constantly seeking out solutions that underpin the desires of our clients. It’s that bespoke approach and personal understanding that ensures we capture the very essence of modern or traditional design. From sweeping staircases to elegant driveaway gates, our products are built with love and care. Our service is about client satisfaction but our dedicated teams thrive on creating bespoke pieces that captivate, charm and create that wow factor. We understand what luxury means and that can be seen in every piece we create.

Focus on the details

Attention To Detail Makes The Difference

We take a considered yet professional approach to each project. Therefore, we take into consideration other materials that might be included such as range of wood finishes and features such as traditional wooden flooring or wooden beams.

We seek out the right materials, working with mild steel, stainless steel, brass, copper, bronze, aluminium alloys, nickel silver and chrome. Our workshop has been specially designed to enable us to undertake all manner of metalworks, allowing us to showcase our design capabilities.

Our dedicated metalwork experts can guillotine, press brakes and even form 6mm mild steel plates. We have also installed the latest machinery such as CNC machines, laser cutting, water jet cutting, MIG and TIG welding as well as final polishing and patinating services.

Our ability to take care of the entire process from start to finish is why we are a reputable luxury metalworker.

What sets us apart is our ability to get things right?

We Capture It All – Every Step Of The Way

We are approachable, honest and friendly, ensuring we build healthy relationships with our clients. Our ability to implement our attention to detail, our creativity and our workmanship ensure our clients are always satisfied.

We have four decades of experience and we call on that to help us find the most suitable solution to meet the needs of our clients. From a one-off project to multiple balconies and balustrades, our designers and experienced team of experts are on hand to work with you. Utilising a wide range of materials to complement your design ideas, your property as well as the look and feel, we encompass every aspect of metalwork, creating luxurious, bespoke pieces that capture it all.

We believe that providing a service that our clients can trust requires dedication, honesty and the ability to adapt to their needs. Adopting a proactive approach, we are open to ideas, we seek solutions and we are always looking to push design boundaries. There is nothing we are not capable of and we love what we do.

As a family-run business, our clients receive a service that they will not find elsewhere. We care about them, we work with them and we understand them. All of this enables us to create designs and bring ideas to fruition, creating metalwork pieces that capture the elegance, the charm and our passion.

Every product is designed by a highly skilled team of experts

Perfection in Design

We believe that there is something unique yet compelling about working with a range of metals. Every piece we create tells a story, all of which have been lovingly created with care and diligence by our committed design experts. We have instilled an ethos throughout our business and that’s to create impactful pieces that contain valuable detail and impress in every possible way. Every piece tells a story and every piece turns imperfection into perfection. The intrinsic beauty of bespoke metalwork cannot be underestimated because our distinct pieces are designed to complement your space or your home, whatever that might be.

We shape ideas, we create smart, elegant, sleek environments through the design, manufacture and installation of staircases, balustrades, metal furniture, doors, balconies and gates. Functional, practical and visually stunning, our craftsmanship shines in every way.

Our team pride themselves on working closely with clients. They provide advice, direction and insight that can feed into any project, regardless of how big or small it might be. We are family-run and we inject passion into everything we do.

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