When it comes to metalwork, there is nothing we do not know.

Our services

Our services


Our waterjet cutting machines are available in-house and we pride ourselves on being able to utilise this method where required. Having this available enables us to offer more to our clients. Our machines are capable of cutting materials of up to 200mm thickness but we really believe it stands out when it comes to cutting highly complex shapes.

We understand that clients have different needs and with that comes the need to deliver everything that they expect. Therefore, if they are looking for Juliet balconies with complex shapes, we can take care of that. This is why our products are perfect in every possible way and it’s why we invest in the right machinery that allows us to do our job right.

Offering a first-class service requires us to be able to deliver and we have confidence in everything that we do. We understand that precision in metal cutting is imperative when it comes to creating pieces that capture beauty and charm. Therefore, waterjet cutting is a method that we consider to be far superior to that of other profiling methods. This method can help to avoid melting, distorting and warping, all of which allows us to develop and produce better products for our clients.

Why waterjet?

This fast-growing method is highly reliable and with its precision and high level of efficiency, it is a technique that we rely on heavily.

With improved tolerances, it’s the solution that enables us to provide an enhanced service in every possible way. We work with a range of metals but water cutting is ideal for cutting stainless and mild steel, two products that we work with extensively.

Our entire service is underpinned by the machinery and techniques we use. If we want to offer the best service then we have to ensure we stay ahead by using cutting techniques that we can trust.

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